Insurance Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Insurance overview

Our charges include the provision of comprehensive insurance for the hired Vehicle whilst it is on hire to you for the dates shown on your Hire Agreement. The insurance is provided to Higher Adventure by Allianz Insurance PLC and is strictly subject to their full terms, conditions and endorsements which can be found in the Policy Wording which will be provided to you.

This document provides only an overview of what we believe to be important aspects of that insurance, together with some comments and guidance from us. As such, they should not be treated as complete as they may not include information that is important to you. Please ensure that you personally are satisfied that you understand the scope and limitations of the insurance by reading the full Policy Wording.

1. Hirer & Permitted Drivers

You confirm that you:

  • are over 25 and under 79 years of age;
  • are legally permitted to drive and have not been advised on medical grounds to not drive;
  • have a minimum of 24 months full valid UK or EU licence experience for the vehicle you are hiring;
  • are not engaged wholly or partly in professional entertainment;
  • are not a professional sports person, jockey or connected with racing of any sort;
  • will have held a motor insurance policy for a minimum of 24 months up to and including the hire period;
  • have NOT been convicted of a motoring offence (of any nature) leading to your licence being endorsed, suspended or more than 6 penalty points imposed*;
  • have NOT had motor insurance cancelled, declined, a renewal refused or special terms imposed;
  • have not, whilst driving, been involved in more than one motor accident during the past 3 years (whether you were at fault or not).

* Spent convictions, covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, may be disregarded if agreed in writing by Higher Adventure.

2. Identity and Driving Record checks

Before the start of your hire you must:

  • Allow Higher Adventure to verify the identity and permanent address of the hirer/drivers by supplying copies of:
    • your driving licence photo card;
    • one utility bill/statement PLUS one of the following:
      • a) Council Tax bill/statement
      • b) TV / internet/ landline telephone bill (including Sky/Virgin/BT etc)
      • c) Bank Statement
      • d) Credit Card Statement
      • e) Mortgage Statement
  • The identity and proofs of address must be dated within 90 days of the hire date and have the same address appearing on the driving licence.


  • Obtain a DVLA licence ‘check code’ so you can share your driving record with Higher Adventure. To generate a code you will need to visit and supply the DVLA with the following details:

IMPORTANT: you must also produce your driving licence photo card AND the originals of your two proof of address documents at the start of the hire. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the Hire Agreement and you will be liable for the fees shown.

3. Strict keys to hand policy

You understand and agree that:

  • at the start of the hire period the vehicle keys and/or other security devices will only be handed to a hirer named in the Hire Agreement;
  • at the end of the hire period the keys and/or other security devices must be handed by a hirer named in the Hire Agreement to an authorised official of Higher Adventure.
4. The Insurance Excess

Although termed ‘comprehensive’, our insurance does NOT give you complete cover. One amount for which you are not covered is called the “excess”. The excess you must agree to is £1,000. This means that you must pay the first £1,000 of each and every claim made on our insurance for the vehicle you are hiring during the hire period.

The Security Deposit you lodge with us is not the same as the excess, although in the event of a claim, it may be used to pay the excess. Please refer to your Hire Agreement for details of the Security Deposit.

Any excess you are required to pay will be refunded if and when Higher Adventure are able to recover the cost of damages from a third party who is not our insurer.

For a fee of £10 of hire Higher Adventure may agree to reduce your liability for the stated excess to the first £150 of each and every claim. Please ask if you are interested in this option:

You are also free to purchase a Hire Excess Policy from a third party to reduce your liability for the excess, but please be careful to ensure that it covers the vehicle you are hiring.

5. Accidental damage

What is covered:

  • loss or damage up to the vehicle’s market value.

What is not covered:

  • damaged tyres (e.g punctures or cuts);
  • damage caused by negligence;
  • loss or damage to/of any attached or detached trailer, rack or other towed vehicle (or fixtures, fittings or utensils carried).
6. Negligence

You should be aware that you are likely to be responsible for all costs, expenses and claims for damage or loss incurred through your own negligence (an act or omission which falls short of a standard to be expected of a reasonable person), for example, if you:

  • drive and damage the vehicle or its equipment with the roof tent open or not securely closed;
  • leave the awning deployed in windy conditions and it, or the vehicle, or other property are damaged or people injured;
  • drive the vehicle under a low object and damage the roof rack, roof tent or the vehicle itself;
  • leave keys in the vehicle and it is stolen;
  • drive through spaces which are too narrow for the vehicle.
7. Liability to others – Third Party Cover

What is covered:

  • everything you legally have to pay to people who claim for damages, costs and expenses if they arise from a claim caused by an accident while you are driving, loading or unloading the vehicle, or in charge of the insured vehicle, if you kill or injure other people;
  • your legal liability for damage to their property (including any related indirect loss) up to £5,000,000 and for costs and expenses incurred up to £5,000,000.

You are also insured while the vehicle is towing a trailer so long as the towing is allowed by law and is attached properly to the insured vehicle.

What is not covered:

  • any amount above £5 million for damage to other people’s property (including any related indirect loss) and any amount above £5 million for costs and expenses incurred;
  • liability for death, injury or damage when an insured vehicle is not on a public road;
  • any liability that is not required to be covered under the terms of the Road Traffic Act whilst you are loading or unloading directly from the vehicle.

Insuring others

What is covered:

  • any person named in this Agreement that we allow to use the vehicle (subject otherwise to the terms, exceptions and conditions of the Hire Agreement);
  • any person (other than the person driving) being carried in, or getting onto or off the vehicle or any person who causes an accident while they are travelling in, or getting in or out of the vehicle;
  • if anyone covered by this insurance dies, our insurance will cover their legal representative to deal with any claims made against that person’s estate.

What is not covered:

  • Any liability that is not required to be covered under the terms of the Road Traffic Act whilst any person is loading or unloading directly from the insured vehicle.

Emergency Medical Treatment

What is covered:

  • Emergency Treatment Fees, as required by the Road Traffic Acts, after an accident involving the vehicle.

What is not covered:

  • Any amount that is more than the compulsory fee noted above.

You may decide that you wish take additional insurance to cover personal injury in the event of an accident.

8. Fire and theft

What is covered:

  • loss or damage up to the market value of the insured vehicle caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

What is not covered:

  • compensation for you not being able to use the insured vehicle;
  • loss or damage if you have not taken reasonable care to protect the vehicle, its equipment and accessories or if it has been left unlocked or with the keys in it or attached to it;
  • any additional damage resulting from the vehicle being moved by you after an accident, fire or theft;
  • any other indirect loss.

Please note that our Breakdown Policy with Green Flag offers some assistance in the event of the vehicle being stolen (see further details in your Hire Agreement).

9.Trailers (and racks)

What is covered:

  • the cover applicable to the vehicle also applies to an attached trailer.

What is not covered:

  • the trailer or rack itself;
  • a detached trailer;
  • a trailer not towed in accordance with the law;
  • loss or damage to property being carried in or on any trailer (or rack).
10. Legal Expenses

If you are involved in a road traffic collision that is not your fault our motor legal expenses insurance will help to claim back uninsured losses from the person who was at fault.

Uninsured losses can include the following:

  • compensation for injury or death;
  • your policy excess;
  • non standard equipment and accessories;
  • reasonable hire charges for a replacement vehicle
  • accident repair costs;
  • compensation for damage to your clothes, luggage or personal belongings.

The most our insurance will pay for all legal expenses will be £100,000 for any claim or claims arising from one incident.

11. General Exclusions

Our insurance does not cover claims arising from any accident, injury, loss or damage that happens while the insured vehicle is being:

  • used for a purpose which it is not insured for;
  • driven or in the charge of anyone who does not meet all the conditions described in the Hire Agreement or full Policy Document;
  • used in any way that breaks any reasonable or expected security requirements;
  • used in or on restricted areas of airports, airfields or military bases;
  • used for racing of any description or being used in any contest, competition, rally or trial;
  • used for any off-road activity (please see Clause 17 of your Hire Agreement for details).

Our insurance will only apply if:

  • the person claiming has kept to the Terms and Conditions of our insurance and the Hire Agreement;
  • all the information supplied is correct and complete.

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